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Taking a Long Look at QUIC

An Approach for Rigorous Evaluation of Rapidly Evolving Transport Protocols

DISCLAIMER I: this is NOT production level code! It is grad student code (!!!), developed under the pressure of deadlines and such! Furthermore, by nature this project consists of many parts (as described in the following sections), require attention to many small details to make sure things do what we expect them to do, and call for many hacks to make things work. So please do not expect a nice clean binary that you just double click! You need to setup servers, compile Chromium (16GB of code base!!!), etc. I will try to clean the code as much as possible, keep updating these instructions to make it easy to follow, and of course welcome any feedback/comments you have. However, I should also mention that I recently defended my PhD and left NEU for a full time job. So I won’t be maintaining this project full time, but it is being handed off to very talented junior PhD student in our group who will continue on with the project, and overseen by an amazing PI who won’t put anything out there unless he has 100.00% confident in it!

DISCLAIMER II: make sure you read and fully understand our IMC17 paper and understand exactly what the experiments try to achieve before trying to run any tests. Otherwise, the instructions below might not make much sense to you!

Ready to get your hands dirty? Enjoy! 😀

About the code:

General notes: